Reasons to knit with Bamboo

Reasons to knit with Bamboo: excellent wet permeability; moisture vapor transmission property; soft hand; better drape; easy dying; splendid colors. It is a newly founded, great prospective green fabric, exciting new renewable fibre source; a naturally antibacterial fibre; non-allergenic. Bamboo fibers natural anti-bacteria function differs greatly from that of chemical anti microbial. The later often tend to cause skin allergy when added to apparel.

We found that bamboo owns a unique antibacterial and bacteriostatic bio- agent. This substance is combined with bamboo cellulose during the process of being manufactured into bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber has particular and natural functions of anti-bacteria, bacteriostatic and deodorization.

Bamboo fiber is its unusual ability to breathe and its coolness. Because the cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro- holes, it has much better moisture absorption and ventilation.

With this unparalleled microstructure, bamboo fiber apparel can absorb and evaporate human sweat in a split second. Just like breathing, such garments make people feel extremely cool and comfortable in the hot summer.


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