Acrylic/Viloft What is Acrylic/Viloft?

This yarns flat fiber cross-section gives it excellent thermal insulation properties. The modified cross-section creates air chambers in textiles which act as a buffer against the cold. Fabrics made with Acrylic/Viloft have particularly good insulation values and provide lightweight warmth.

Superior Thermal Performance

Acrylic/Viloft fabrics are up to 30 % warmer because of unique air pockets.

Tests demonstrate the effectiveness of Acrylic/Viloft in fabrics. Comparing Acrylic/Viloft knit fabrics with cotton knit fabrics shows that Acrylic/Viloft fabrics have up to 30 % higher thermal insulation than cotton fabrics. Exceptional Comfort

The special viscose Viloft fiber creates textiles that are particularly warm and skin-friendly. Viloft is naturally soft, supple and breathable. Viloft’s properties are especially beneficial since moisture absorption and softness are important comfort features.

Beautiful warmth

The Acrylic/Viloft fiber gives natural softness to synthetics.

Excellent thermal insulation combined with softness and skin-friendliness make Acrylic/Viloft fabrics ideal for applications in the Intimates market.