• Infused with Aloe Vera to help the skin feel supple and moisturised
• Designed to give garments an added comfort factor as well as offering a range of aromatherapeutic benefits for the wearer
• Our Lycra spaFX fabric uses Celessence’s technology with Lycra to enhance the wearer’s sense of wellbeing
• We can offer aloe vera, vitamin E and sea kelp scents, while Aromatherapy fragrances offered include lavender, vanilla and peppermint
• T he Lycra aspect gives garments additional stretch and recovery properties.

Micro Encapsulation – Aloe Vera

How does it work?

Tiny airtight, hard shell capsules containing the chosen scent are welded to the textile fibre via padding during the finishing process. When the garment is then worn, friction causes the capsules to burst, releasing the aloe vera fragrance.

The capsules which can last up to 35 washes, are designed to give garments an added comfort factor as well as offering a range of aromatherapeutic benefits for the wearer.

Comfort and relaxation

With the ever-quickening pace of life, people are increasingly suffering from stress and anxiety-related illnesses. Very few people feel they have enough time in their busy schedules to take part in relaxing activities, which are often considered an elusive luxury. Therefore, capsules containing traditionally ‘calming’ scents could, in some way, help wearers to ward off stress throughout the day without sacrificing precious time. Clothing for yoga can also incorporate the technology to enhance the distressing aspect of these activities.

Andorra in collaboration with its knit mill  has been evolving the technology over the last three years and although the sportswear field was not our initial target, we started to expand our focus to include activewear applications. Our Lycra spaFX fabric uses Celessence’s technology with Lycra to enhance the wearer’s sense of well- being. We can offer aloe vera, vitamin E and sea kelp scents, while Aromatherapy fragrances offered include lavender, vanilla and peppermint. And while the fabric boasts this fragrance-emitting technology, the Lycra aspect gives garments additional stretch and recovery properties.

The ingredients in our Lycra spaFX range have skin-soothing and moisturizing properties and that, even if consumers have never heard of micro encapsulation, they are usually aware of the benefits associated with ingredients such as aloe vera and Vitamin E.